Sunday, May 6, 2012

Travelling Cavegirl!

Today is Sunday, May 6th. So, this week, I leave for Texas...traveling for work. I'll be back Sunday, May 13th only to leave again Monday May 14th for Charleston, SC. So...what is in my arsenal to make this a successful travel trip?

1st: I am bringing my INSANITY workout and laptop!
2nd: Bringing healthy snacks...sugar free apple sauce; freeze dried, sulfate free fruit; nuts; 100% chocolate; and I haven't gotten it yet, but will be getting some wheat-free beef Jerky!
3rd: Intermittent fasting the entire time I am there. (6 hour window).
4th: Plenty of walks
5th: All meals will be meat and veggie based; easy in Texas since they have plenty of grilled options.

My favorite happy accident at the airport is always when I run into a Jamba Juice and get pure carrot juice! Fingers crossed!

Insanity is going great. I am pretty sore, as in itishardtowalk sore. But, I really feel like I am challenging myself physically. Pics to come soon!

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